Well Building Consultancy is a newly established business based in the south west of England.  We aim to offer a different way of thinking about buildings to promote wellbeing.  This includes the ways in which we design, construct and maintain these buildings and the way we live and work in them.

Buildings designed with a focus centred upon wellbeing are needed now, more than ever before, to deal with diverse problems and to support the health of occupants and others upon whom buildings may impact environmentally.

The Well Building Consultancy aims to make a difference by promoting built environment design options with less adverse impact and a greater benefit to health and wellbeing whenever and wherever possible.

We believe that the profile of services we offer is unique.  We incorporate influences probably not found together in any other building, or architecture related website.  As these influences can often be inter-linked we try to bring as many of them together in the interest of wellbeing and good design.

Read on to see what we do, and whether we can help you.

Sunlight streams in through large floor to ceiling glass windows in this modern home.

This website is currently under construction so please visit again and view new content. In the meantime we are happy to discuss your requirements on the phone so please feel free to call us on 07597 115421 or use the contact form.