Feng Shui

With an Eastern and ancient sounding name, Feng Shui is as relevant to today as it has ever been.  Feng Shui examines the interaction between humans, their homes and their environment and then seeks to make intuitive, beneficial alterations to this dynamic interaction in the interest of health and wellbeing.

Our service brings this right up to date with a particular emphasis on issues relating to modern day living and pollution of all kinds, whether visible, or invisible.  It also includes the more traditional aspects: energy flow within and around a building; placement of key items of furniture; the five elements and their relationship to one another; colour psychology.  For clients with a deeper interest in Feng Shui our practice can cover production of a ‘bagua’ floor plan.

Feng Shui works because deep within the human brain are primitive parts which crave security and comfort as well as a positively life supporting ‘feel’.  The art of Feng Shui recognises this and taps into it.  Whether you realise it or not you are practising Feng Shui when you redecorate a room, change the position of furniture or ornaments, or even just tidy up.   But there is much more to it than that.  It is an exciting art which can bring tremendous benefits to you and your home.

Consultations are offered by an accredited Feng Shui practitioner and our service can be tailored to your individual requirements.  The service can also be offered alongside the Well Building Consultancy architecture and building design service.  If you are building a new house, or renovating an old one, it is a good opportunity to design out some aspects of the building which may lead to disquiet, discomfort and ill-health and to design in aspects which can positively boost your wellbeing.