Environment & Design

Building design has an important place in our world, our health and well-being.  The average person may spend as much as 90% of his or her life inside a building.  This places an expectation upon designers to create buildings which not only have natural light and space, but which are capable of supporting and promoting healthy living.  At the same time these buildings should be able to shield against, or filter out negative, health denying aspects of our modern environment.

The more that the trend to seal up our buildings against the loss of expensively generated heat continues, the more there is a need for healthy internal environment and design.  The more that man-made technology is used to achieve this the more toxins are generated and retained inside our buildings.  Equally, external pollution which manages to penetrate the building, can also be retained.

Communications technology issues are also a modern day phenomenon when considering the health of the built world and building occupants.  At a conservative estimate, between 2.5% and 8% of Europeans have come to experience an associated raised sensitivity to exposure in the 20 years since it became widespread and commonplace in our environment.  For more information view our sister website, emfsurveys.co.uk

We offer a service which counters as many of these negative effects as possible by applying carefully and individually considered aspects of design wellbeing.

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